Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Quirky Wedding Guide

We just came back from a magical wedding halfway up a Welsh Mountain it gave us loads of ideas.  Here are some of them.


1.) Stabo's version of a Stag do T shirt - rather than get something printed up which is unwearable why not choose one of our T shirts and we can put your Stag slogan on the inside.

2.) Grooms party ties. We screenprint campervans, bikes, cassette tapes, cameras, cricket matches and rugby lineout stencils onto wool ties.  We can even add a little message to say 'Thanks'. 

3.) Our personalised throws make great wedding gifts, something the happy couple can snuggle up under for the next 50 years.  We personalise them with your message engraved onto a leather patch this one is on lovely gold leather.

4.) Key fobs , Our take on the wedding invite - a leather keyfob with the wedding details so you don't find yourself driving around in the middle of nowhere because you can't find the right piece of paper.

5 and 6.) A little something for the honeymoon - a new sunglasses case for the bride if, of course, she becomes a 'Mrs' and matching luggage tags, all in leather.

7.) The most useful thing you can take to a wedding (apart from a stash of snacks if you're there with children) is a large bag.  Your beautiful clutch just won't cut the mustard when you need to ditch the heels.  Take a shopper bag and when it reaches the point in the proceedings where you need to start shedding layers you've got something to decant everything into.

8.) Our photographic leather pencil case is a leather pencil case engraved with choice images from the nuptials.  It would also make a great gift for the 'Leather' (third) wedding anniversary.

9.)  Bridesmaids gifts - a little thank you for all those hours the bridesmaids have put sorting out your veil and holding your hand in the wedding dress shop.  We can add a little message on a leather patch on the inside.

10.) An etched wedding venue portrait.  For a contemporary take on a Wedding Venue picture here is our etched picture.  Etched in blue on brown board - a cool piece of art.  A lovely wedding gift you can hang on your wall.

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