Thursday, 2 June 2016

Father's Day Gift Guide - 10 Unique Gifts for Dad

Here at Stabo we've developed a number of fun and original ways to personalise our products.  So make Fathers' Day extra special with one of our unique gift suggestions.


 1. If Dad doesn't have a decent bag why not treat him to one for Father's Day.  Here's our Mens karabiner bag.  Add a message under the flap.


2. Surely what could any Dad want more than a picture of you!  Carved family silhouette picture.  In the top picture we carved four brothers, here we see three generations of the same family - spot any similarities?

3. Our pure wool throws work brilliantly as old fashioned picnic blankets.  They don't have plastic linings but they are made of lovely thick wool and can be rolled up and packed away really easily.  Personalised with a choice of leather patches.  Why not take Dad on a picnic as well!

4. We have a wide range of great men's T shirts to choose from.  Make it that little bit more special with a personalised neck label. 

5. Our printed leather sunglasses cases are really good fun.  We can even engrave a message on the back.

6. Photo engraved leather cardholder choose from a stylish tan leather, or a funky yellow, green or light blue. We engrave your photo directly into the leather.  It doesn't have to be a photo of the kids you could personalise it with Dad's favourite car, lawnmower, shed....anything.

7.  Leather key fob engraved with your child's drawing or writing.  Choose from neon, natural or more neutral coloured leathers. These key fobs are a particularly great gift from infants or pre-schoolers.

8. So we haven't worked out an elegant way to personalise our printed wool ties.  But as each one is hand screen printed with our images each one is unique anyway.

9. Our Vintage Washbags are recycled from genuine WW2 bivouac tents, each one unique and with an amazing provenance.  Great for the Dad or Grandad interested in history.

10. Printed leather belts. Choose from a campervan, bikes or robots print.  We can also engrave your message on the inside of these belts.

PS. We even offer a gift wrapping service, look out for it at checkout!

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