Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Halloween the easy way

We've been having fun playing with slightly furry and very reflective materials and have come up with a range of themed T shirts you'll love for Halloween.  So if you're forced to join in with Trick or Treating but not that enthusiastic about donning a full length flammable supermarket costume here are a few alternative suggestions.  Layer up with thermal tops and these T shirts are great fun.

Firstly we have our very witchy Black Cat T shirts.

The adults version has a pop art feel with the bright zingy colours and slightly stylised form (black cats are quite stylised anyway).

The cats are made from black flock so have a furry feel and the eyes are made from highly reflective green so when you are out Trick or Treating you can have loads of fun playing with a torch making the eyes flash like real cats eyes.

The second T shirt features a cat taking it easy across the T shirts's chest once again with reflective cats eyes style cats eyes.
If cats aren't your thing our boggly eyed black hoody is a great option for kids.  The white boggly eyes and funny monster teeth are made from white reflective material so glow in the dark when you flash a torch at them.  

And the best thing about all these T shirts and Hoodies is that they're so much fun you'll want to keep wearing them all year round.

Happy Halloween.

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